Thursday, September 7, 2017

BB1 continues to take major blows in his fight with Liver Cancer, but, he keeps getting back up

Chuck has been fighting Cancer now for over 18 months.  He's had Thera Sphere Y90, a very evasive procedure that had side effects and it wound up doing nothing to stop the Cancer. He was put on a Liver Transplant list, only to be taken off because the cancer left the liver and lodged onto his rib. He proceeded to do an FDA approved drug that made him so sick and miserable he couldn't function. It cost $8,000. He quit and is fighting to get some of his money back. After all that he went without treatment or heavy drugs for a few weeks and began to feel more like himself.

The Doctor recommended he try Xeloda a drug that has worked for Breast and Lung Cancer but it has shown in clinical studies to have an effect of Cancer Tumor growth, but not necessarily for Liver Cancer. Another $8,000. But, he's a fighter and says he has to do what ever it takes. He's been on the new drug for 2 weeks. He's miserable. The side effects are as bad as the first drug. He honestly can't walk on his feet, because of the nerve pain. His lips are so dry they bleed and chunks of skin are falling off. His hands and feet have open sores and he has boils all over his body.  He's lost 7 lbs. Not good.  He sleeps in the afternoons, and his appetite isn't what it normally is. He has pain throughout his body and he cramps up so bad sometimes he can't move until it stops.  After being off for a week the Doctor will adjust the drug to see if that will lower the side effects.   Eventually Chuck hopes, they will get the drugs right so he can function.

Right now, his passion for his new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, being built in Italy right now and his new Mclaren 570S Coup, is what's keeping his Spirits up.  Hopefully the cars will arrive by his 68th Birthday, November 23rd. So, right now it's one day at a time now.

Keep sending him your love and good vibrations.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The latest update on Chuck, BB1's progress with his fight with liver Cancer.

At this point Chuck has decided to stop taking the Cancer drug. It made him deathly sick and made his life unmanageable.  He's felt a lot better going it without treatment. His last report showed that his numbers had actually improved, which is unusual. He believes it's his Superman Powers, that are fighting the Kryptonite. He also believes Passionology, is the secret to fighting his deadly opponent.

To counteract the negative effects of Cancer, he's continuing with his projects and not backing down.

Here is quote directly from Chuck.  "The 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider will be my personal Exotic Supercar Track Toy. The other car is a Porsche 2017 911GT-3 Cup Car for the Track to be leased from my Company REEEEEL RACING to SPEEDVEGAS. My Company will supply Race Cars for SPEEDVEGAS every eighteen months or so. A Big 15th is coming OH YEA!   XXX/OOO  BB1." 

Besides that, he wants to recreate from scratch the original 1930s Maybelline truck just for the fun of it and cruise around with me.

These are lofty Aspirations, but, his DNA is loaded with Aspiration.  I will keep you abreast of his business plans, his health and his Passions.  

Keep the Good Vibrations coming his way.  We love you BB1.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

BB1, with his Indomitable Good Vibrations and Positive Spirit is standing up to his Cancer like a Champion

It's been two months since my last post on Chuck's blog. He's continued to stay true to his Superman persona and fight his vulnerability to Kryptonite, his "Full Fry."  

Chuck is a born fighter and like a true Warrior he has Passion and Positivety in his DNA. He doesn't back down. Where others might back down to the challenges of life and death. He's a Pit Bull and will fight to his last breath. In BB1's case he has lived the life of all good things for all. Now, it's the other side of the challenge. He's relying on his overwhelming inner strength and his Spiritual Mind over Matter. 

In the last month, his Doctor's at UCLA, told him that the TheraSphere they blasted his liver tumor with, didn't do what they expected or hoped it would.  They sent him home with some cancer pills and said, these might prolong your life. However, there is nothing more we can do. With 52 horrible side effects, Chuck suffered the tortures of the damned, yet never complained of terrible pain, water retention and nausea. He continued his passion for his cars and even ordered a new Alfa Romeo, for more Passionology. He coined a new word, PASSIONOLOGY and calls himself a PASSIONOLOGIST.  He believes that if he keeps his Passion ignited he can overcome any negative outcome.

In the last three days, his Spirit has been tested to the limit. He's had food poisoning like symptoms, extreme swelling, pain in his groin and feet and nausea. He had decided to stop the cancer pills and live his life. His Doctors want him to continue. He's at a crossroad. A life and death decision. But, through it all he's remaining positive and staying as active as he can. 

Continue holding him in your thoughts and prayers and I will keep you posted as the RACE TO THE FINISH LINE CONTINUES.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chuck isn't backing down to Cancer it will be a fight to the finish

"Here is my latest reaction to RACING TO THE FINISH? I plan on running several more Track Events.  

This is my only escape from reality of Liver Cancer and I will run every Race there is and I will win the Race at God's pace.

 The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 2018 will be ordered this month or June. I have the right people involved for a special ordered 4C Spider at the executive level.

 Could have the car by the end of the year 2017 for a 2018 model. OH YEA!"

A born fighter, Chuck will continue to live his life the way he wants to. He is supposed to start his cancer fighting pills, but will wait until he returns home to Santa Barbara in June.

Keeping his mind off the Cancer and focused on his passion is his best defense. So far he feels pretty good and has his positive attitude that he feels is in his DNA.

Maybe he's Born with it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Not expecting this news! The Thera Sphere never actually worked.

Chuck with his sister Nancy

Chuck found out this week that the cancer in his liver has spread and has taken hold on his ribs. He is now off the transplant list. He will start taking medication specially made up for his cancer. The prognosis is one year. Hopefully more. He leaves for Vegas tomorrow for 6 weeks of racing and he still plans to buy two new Alfa Romeos, as mentioned in my last post. He isn't giving up. This is devastating and unexpected news. We're all reeling from it. In shock denial. For someone as dynamic, charismatic and full of life at 67, it just seems impossible. There are miracles and if anyone can turn the tables, it's BB1.  More will be revealed and I'll keep you posted in a couple weeks when he goes back to UCLA.

Nancy's son, John Clark, Chuck and Jim Williams

Jim, Chuck and John

Friday, March 17, 2017

NEWS FLASH! Chuck, BB1 has been authorized to go on the Liver Transplant list

It's been a year since Chuck, BB1, was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. During that time, he did the TheraSphere Y90 treatment, that blasted the tumor with millions of radiation balls. He thought he was going in for a second treatment, when his Doctor informed him that the TheraSphere did it's job in the first treatment and it's made it possible for him to be put on the Liver Transplant list. It takes 2 to 3 years usually, before a liver becomes available, so we pray his liver numbers hold steady until that happens. 

Chuck will continue to live his life to the fullest. He has his eye on two new Alfa Romeos, a Red 4C Spider and a Red Stelvio Quadrifoglio, 505HP SUV.  He plans to spend as much time as possible at SpeedVegas, racing cars.  He will also spend time with his good friend, Mike Love, of the Beach Boys.

Proud to be a MonToy. BB1's Very Exclusive Car Club (Invitation Only)

Recently Mike did a concert in Santa Barbara at the Arlington Theater, where Chuck asked him to be an honorary member of his club, "The MonToys." Mike wore his new MonToy cap on stage during the performance to make it official. 

It's not the size of the person it's the size of the fight inside the person.

Keep Chuck in your prayers. He has a long way to go. Chuck has always known it was not going to be easy. He sizes up his enemy... the enemy is the Liver tumor...  Always a fighter he is up for the challenge. Chuck feels good, sounds great, has an amazing positive attitude.  That is what keeps him ahead of the race. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chuck Williams, BB1, takes another jab at Cancer, slowing the tumor down to a stop


Chuck and Penelope headed to UCLA, December 14th, not knowing what was going to happen. A phone call the night before warned that his insurance had not authorized paying for a second Thera Sphere treatment. Which is a big deal.  One treatment is $80,000. However, that didn't stop our Champ. He told them he'd be there at 8:00 for a scheduled MRI. 

After the MRI, BB1, got word that his insurance authorized the treatment.  He met with Dr. Gnomes, his Surgeon and she was pleased with the results of the MRI.  She was finally able to get a clear picture of his first Thera Sphere treatment, almost 4 months ago. 

The first treatment blasted the liver tumor with billions of radiation balls, but the surgeon had been unable to decipher if she'd hit the mark because the picture was too foggy.

She had told Chuck to go and enjoy his trip to Zion in August, with Penelope, in his Motor Coach and give the liver time to settle down. He did, but the side effects were rough for the first 3 weeks.

Now that the liver has calmed down, she  was able to get a clear and it was good news. 

The Surgeon, had hit the tumor in the bulls eye.  She was thrilled.  The Thera Sphere had stopped it's growth and a second treatment was unnecessary at this time.  She want's to see Chuck in 3 months  for another MRI, and at that point, if there's any changes, a second Thera Sphere treatment will be discussed.

Chuck at the Lakers Game  recently with his brother Jim

Chuck is over the moon.  He feels pretty good, except for his Popeye feet and legs. The edema is still an issue and has slowed him down. Which, if you know Chuck, is out of sync with his normal "in the ring, dancing feet."

"I'm like normal people now." he said, "I'm used to being more like Superman, even at 67."

So, that's it.  Chuck can enjoy Christmas and head to Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Show, in January and then hit Vegas for a few laps around the track.  

Merry Christmas Everyone.  Chuck thanks you all for the love, support and prayers on his behalf. He truly believes that's what is getting him through his ordeal with Cancer.