Friday, March 17, 2017

NEWS FLASH! Chuck, BB1 has been authorized to go on the Liver Transplant list

It's been a year since Chuck, BB1, was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. During that time, he did the TheraSphere Y90 treatment, that blasted the tumor with millions of radiation balls. He thought he was going in for a second treatment, when his Doctor informed him that the TheraSphere did it's job in the first treatment and it's made it possible for him to be put on the Liver Transplant list. It takes 2 to 3 years usually, before a liver becomes available, so we pray his liver numbers hold steady until that happens. 

Chuck will continue to live his life to the fullest. He has his eye on two new Alfa Romeos, a Red 4C Spider and a Red Stelvio Quadrifoglio, 505HP SUV.  He plans to spend as much time as possible at SpeedVegas, racing cars.  He will also spend time with his good friend, Mike Love, of the Beach Boys.

Proud to be a MonToy. BB1's Very Exclusive Car Club (Invitation Only)

Recently Mike did a concert in Santa Barbara at the Arlington Theater, where Chuck asked him to be an honorary member of his club, "The MonToys." Mike wore his new MonToy cap on stage during the performance to make it official. 

It's not the size of the person it's the size of the fight inside the person.

Keep Chuck in your prayers. He has a long way to go. Chuck has always known it was not going to be easy. He sizes up his enemy... the enemy is the Liver tumor...  Always a fighter he is up for the challenge. Chuck feels good, sounds great, has an amazing positive attitude.  That is what keeps him ahead of the race. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chuck Williams, BB1, takes another jab at Cancer, slowing the tumor down to a stop


Chuck and Penelope headed to UCLA, December 14th, not knowing what was going to happen. A phone call the night before warned that his insurance had not authorized paying for a second Thera Sphere treatment. Which is a big deal.  One treatment is $80,000. However, that didn't stop our Champ. He told them he'd be there at 8:00 for a scheduled MRI. 

After the MRI, BB1, got word that his insurance authorized the treatment.  He met with Dr. Gnomes, his Surgeon and she was pleased with the results of the MRI.  She was finally able to get a clear picture of his first Thera Sphere treatment, almost 4 months ago. 

The first treatment blasted the liver tumor with billions of radiation balls, but the surgeon had been unable to decipher if she'd hit the mark because the picture was too foggy.

She had told Chuck to go and enjoy his trip to Zion in August, with Penelope, in his Motor Coach and give the liver time to settle down. He did, but the side effects were rough for the first 3 weeks.

Now that the liver has calmed down, she  was able to get a clear and it was good news. 

The Surgeon, had hit the tumor in the bulls eye.  She was thrilled.  The Thera Sphere had stopped it's growth and a second treatment was unnecessary at this time.  She want's to see Chuck in 3 months  for another MRI, and at that point, if there's any changes, a second Thera Sphere treatment will be discussed.

Chuck at the Lakers Game  recently with his brother Jim

Chuck is over the moon.  He feels pretty good, except for his Popeye feet and legs. The edema is still an issue and has slowed him down. Which, if you know Chuck, is out of sync with his normal "in the ring, dancing feet."

"I'm like normal people now." he said, "I'm used to being more like Superman, even at 67."

So, that's it.  Chuck can enjoy Christmas and head to Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Show, in January and then hit Vegas for a few laps around the track.  

Merry Christmas Everyone.  Chuck thanks you all for the love, support and prayers on his behalf. He truly believes that's what is getting him through his ordeal with Cancer. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Power of Prayer, Good Vibrations and a strong support group helps Chuck Williams, BB1, go to the next round with Cancer


Just when Chuck, BB1, was down for the count, he got up and won the second round with Cancer.

It's been touch and go with Cancer the last three month,s since Chuck, BB1, had his first Thera Sphere treatment at UCLA. The first blow came when his MRI, was unable to give his Oncologist the information she needed to move forward, because the picture was too cloudy to read.

Following the treatment, Chuck's body filled with 18 lbs of edema and he was unable to fit in his clothes or shoes. He was concerned. But, his indomitable Spirit kept him focused on his life and he headed to Zion, with Penelope for rest and relaxation.

He didn't feel well. He couldn't sleep and was in pain. But, he never stopped believing he could win the battle.  When his blood tests came back they showed high liver numbers, he was told that if the numbers didn't go down, there would be little more they could do. His Liver would continue to fail. Chuck refused Chemo Therapy as an option, and refused to stop believing he could get those numbers down with mind over matter.  Miraculously, he seemed to will them down... except for one. 

The most important number, the bilirubin, remained at 2.1.  It had to be below 2, to continue the second Therma Sphere treatment. So he waited and he kept his Spirits up. Then, last weekend, he and his brother, Jim, drove Chuck's, Motor Coach to Palm Springs to see his old friend, Mike Love, of the Beach Boys, in concert. Mike arranged for him to park the Coach in VIP parking and he and Jim got a beautiful Jr. Suite at the Hilton Hotel. The concert was inspiring and Mike as always made Chuck feel like a Star. 

On Monday, November 21, just as he pulled into his driveway, the phone was ringing. It was the Doctor.  "Chuck," she said, "your bilirubin is under 2 and we can proceed".

Today, he got a call scheduling his next MRI, on December 14. and the second Thera Sphere treatment will follow at UCLA. The Miracle continues. Chuck can only have three treatments three months apart. If all goes well he will have number three 90 day's later.  And, if this happens, there is a 75 to 90% chance the treatments will work and the 2 tumors will back off. extending his life.

Chuck asked me to thank everyone who has sent prayers, comments on his Facebook group page and just wished him luck and good vibrations. He said, he believes, that all of you are part of the miracle that has given him this green light. He sincerely appreciates your love and support. He also believes that none of this would have been possible with out so many people wishing him well.

Keep the well wishes coming and with God's Will, Chuck will come through his second Thera Sphere treatment, with flying colors and he will win yet another round in the ring with Cancer.

Stay tuned for more good news next month.    

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cancer takes a few more Jabs, but, BB1, Chuck Williams continues to get up and fight

Chuck has been taking a lot of jabs from his opponent in the ring lately. After his last bout with the Cancer treatment TheraSphere August 17th, the Doctor wasn't happy with his liver numbers and suggested the liver needed to calm down for a month. With that Chuck and Penelope headed to Zion in his Mercedes Motor Coach and set up housekeeping for a week. They had a restful and relaxing time together and came home feeling great. The main side effect of the TheraSphere has been pain 24/7, which medication has kept in check and edema. Chuck gained 18 pounds of fluid weight and his normally lose jeans are too tight to wear. He now wears sweats. Yesterday the Doctor ordered water pills and hopefully the water and his liver numbers will come down, so he can have a second TheraSphere treatment on September 30th.  Chuck's still dealing with fatigue, but he's finally sleeping a little better. His old Chuck sense of humor is in tact and so is his appetite. So, he's still strong enough to go another round with Cancer in the ring.  

More will be revealed after September 30th.  Pray for a full recovery and a miracle.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Chuck Williams, BB1, hasn't given up hope beating his liver cancer and either should we

Here is the latest update on BB1, Chuck Williams in the ring with Cancer:

Jim and Chuck Williams,
He returned to UCLA on Wednesday, the 31 of August, for tests and scans to view the tumor and the effects of his TheraSphere treatment done a month ago. The Doctor was concerned because his liver numbers were higher than she hoped. She told Chuck to go on his road trip to Utah and enjoy being in Zion Park.  She wants the liver to calm down and believes that in the next 6 weeks, perhaps his numbers will begin to drop. However, she also discovered another tumor next to a blood supply vein, that will need to be zapped with TheraSphere radiation bubbles as well. The last zap sent over 90 million radiation bubbles into the original tumor. He can only have three zaps of TheraSphere, so let's hope the next one produces the effects Chuck needs to see.

Chuck isn't sleeping well. He's in pain, both in the area of his liver and in his shoulder and back. He's been asked to give up protein and concentrate on Carbs, because they're easier for the liver to break down. He's fine with eating that way.  He's still up and at em everyday.  He's happy to be packing up his Mercedes Motor Coach, and heading to God's Country, with his girlfriend, Penelope for some rest and relaxation. It takes a lot to take Superman down.  

We will know more in a month to six weeks, so stay tuned for further updates. When you think of BB1, imagine him racing at Speed Vegas. He will be stopping off there to do a couple laps, before heading to Zion. May the force be with him.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Chuck Williams gets well wishes from Beach Boy Al Jardine before going into UCLA on July 22nd for Cancer treatment!

Gene, Sharrie, Ann, Chuck

On July 8th, BB1 went in to UCLA to have part one of his Cancer Treatment done. It was a great success. They were able to cut off the blood supply to the tumor with no negative results. Now the big test comes this Friday, July 22, when Chuck goes in for the real deal.  The Doctor will insert radioactive balls into the tumor and hopefully blast them to kingdom come. There's a 70% to 95% chance on the procedure working. There is no % on the treatment until they apply it to Chuck. Everyone else is no longer with us.  It's still to early to have an accurate % and we don't know how often Chuck will repeat the treatment just yet.  Please send "Good Vibrations Chuck's was this Friday and pray he comes through a big winner.

Here is a wonderful email I received from Chuck telling me about a phone call he received from Beach Boy Al Jardine. Al's words really lifted Chuck's Spirit and made him feel like a million bucks.  Maybe two million.  
Al Jardine and Chuck Williams, BB1

Cuz.  I just got a call from Beach Boy Al Jardine. He has heard the news through the Beach Boys network probably Mike or Bruce. He and Brian and Al's son Adam who is on Tour with Brian all wished me well on my up-coming procedures. It made my Day to hear The Beach Boys are a part of my A-Team support and Love group.

To me that means a lot. He also told me tonight when they perform he will try to send some Good Vibrations my way and a perfect song would be any song because he knows the Love I have for all the songs The Beach Boys have.

So true and REEEEEL. He is in talks with people that want to start a Radio Station and told me that he thought I would be the best DJ for the Beach Boys could ever have----I agreed.

I will call you from the "W" Hotel when I get down there on July 21, 2016, at check-in time and I get situated in my Suite the Hotel calls it the Wonderful Suite pretty cool that is one of my favorite songs from SMILE 1965-6. Hope All Is Well  XXX/OOO   BB1

In regards to the picture posted:  We are all standing in front of Chuck's brand new 1976 Jeep Cherokee that he bought from his salary at The Shoe Inn that Chuck owned and operated for three years and sold Concert tickets to bring in more sales another Brilliant and Profitable Idea by Chuck. The store was located in the Montecito Village close to Chuck's Estate and his Parents Estate. He gave the Jeep to Nancy Chuck's younger sister for her Wedding Present in August 1976 she was moving to Colorado and needed a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle. Chuck already had started his Car Collection and owned Three Cars plus had all the access to his Friend Mike Love's Cars who Mike put Chuck in charge of his Collection while The Beach Boys were on Tour. He actually restored Mike's 1962 Bentley S2 and his 1949 MG TC. The MG TC ended up on The Beach Boys Album Cover "ENDLESS HARMONY" soundtrack to a Beach Boys Story dedicated to Dennis and Carl Wilson. The Shoe Inn was early for its time and shoes sales were flat in Montecito so Chuck came up with Marketing of selling Concert Tickets through his Shoe Store and this was before Ticket Master Chuck even had the Idea of using The Beach Boys song "Take A Load Off Your Feet" that The Beach Boys gave him permission to use at no cost because he and Mike had become such good Friends. He was producing all the Shows at the Santa Barbara County Bowl. His first Show at the Bowl was in 1973 with The Beach Boys you could say he was a bit ahead of his time. Needless to say Shoe Sales took Off. All the customers got a one on one lesson on The Beach Boys and came in to meet Chuck and learn how Chuck worked with the most popular Band in the world at the time and bought Shoes at the same time. His Dad thought it was a Brilliant Idea. The Shoe Inn was Noel's Idea for Chuck to work in sales. Chuck wanted something different of course. He pulled it off without hurting his Dad's Idea. The rest is History.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Update on Chuck Williams. BB1's progress with Liver Cancer

Chuck, Anne, Sharrie, Gene 1976
BB1, Chuck Williams will be going to UCLA next Friday, July 8th, to begin the process of preparing him for a new treatment called TheraSphere®.   If all goes well, he will start the TheraSphere therapy on July 31.  Send him Good Vibrations, Prayers and Well Wishes, that he is one of the lucky ones to push Cancer back for a long time.
 TheraSphere is a liver cancer therapy that consists of millions of small glass microspheres (20 to 30 micrometers in diameter) containing radioactive Y-90. The product will be injected into Chuck's liver through a catheter and be delivered directly to the tumor via blood flow.
If the tumor responds, by shrinking after the treatment, he will be repeating it every three months for as long as he lives.  This will cut into his road trips in the Coach to not more than two weeks at a stretch. He still hopes to continue racing in Vegas and has ordered a new yellow Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, that will arrive in October. Chuck at 66, has always landed on his feet.  I pray he's lucky and is blessed with many happy years to come.